Dance Kelly Style

Kelly McAuley | Brand Storyteller + Dance Educator

Branding for Dance Professionals

Whether you’re looking to increase your studio profits, get your studio started or make dance your full-time career, you’ll need the right words and tools to sell.


Learn how to say what you mean, sell what you’ve got and save time communicating with parents, dancers and partners.


Your brand isn't just a logo. It's everything your studio produces. Get some tools and tips to tell your studio's brand story.


Social media and more: get the ideas you need to save time and make your studio’s presence dance full out and stand apart from the rest.

Hey! It's me, Kelly.

I bring rhythm to life through words and dance. Having grown up in a dance studio, I believe in the transformative power of dance and dance education. Today, I'm an advertising pro and dance educator and I’m sharing my marketing expertise with you.



Dance is a legacy. I’m keeping the Kelly-style of dance alive with classes, workshops and choreography.
Currently tap & jazz instructor/choreographer at Colleges of the Fenway dance.