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Getting up on stage stirs up a lot of emotion. Nerves. Excitement. Fear. Joy. Think of the little girl in her first dance recital. Wound up beyond all belief. So excited backstage. Then she gets on stage and panics. Freezes. Stands there and looks around for the first minute of her dance. Finally, she gets up the nerve to blow a kiss to mom and dad. The dance is out the window. But that little girl has something in common with even the most professional of all dancers. She left part of herself out there on the stage. Sure, she didn’t dance, but did she ever put on a show.

On DanceKellyStyle, the goal is to feature dancers from all backgrounds and genres. To create a community here. To get the word out about new performances. New opportunities. And maybe even new styles. If you have an upcoming project and you’d like to be featured, just get in touch.

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