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When you think back to some of your earliest memories, you usually recall certain associations. You remember your cousin being there when you learned to ride a bike. You remember the exact bench you were sitting on when you got some big news. And when those memories from school come flooding back, there’s usually a teacher right there… “I was in Mrs. Gola’s class.” “It was inside Mrs. Vann’s room.” “Miss Kit was teaching us to be fabulous.”

Teachers make up a big part of our formative years. School teachers and dance teachers. So, it goes without saying that teachers are going to make up a big part of this site. The “Teacher’s Sound Off” series is a handful of teachers answering questions for students, parents and other teachers. Students, it’s an insight into what your teacher might be thinking on the way home from dance tonight. Parents, it’s a look at how other dance teachers see the studio. And teachers, it’s proof you’re not alone in this crazy life. We’ve got new teachers and experienced teachers. Studio owners and master-level teachers.

If you’ve got a question for the teachers, get in touch. And if you’re a teacher interested in sounding off, get in touch too.

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