Finding new music for dance class

It’s one of the most mindless and most mindful tasks dance professionals have — finding music for class, for performances, for everything in between. There is an overabundance to choose from. Long, short. Slow, fast. Clean, not-so-clean. Oldies, new. Where to begin? Here’s a look at where to find new music for dance class.

Depending on the age of the dancers, their proficiency and your audience, you might begin with the choreography before even choosing music. For the point of this exercise, and these answers, let’s assume you’re starting with the music and going from there. Here’s what a few teachers said when asked,

Where do you find music ideas for class? 

Sometimes I just sit on iTunes for hours and hours, browsing artists that I like. Then that usually leads me to other artists that I have never heard of. YouTube is also a great way to find great music. There are tons of covers of popular songs.
Mr. Brian 

I teach a variety of ages and styles of dance. My teacher friends have helped me find some music, and I sometimes find ideas on For my littlest ones I use Al Gilbert and Becca Retter music among other things for class.
Elise H. 

I use iTunes or I “Shazam” at competition or convention. 

Best find this year — Electro Swing Volume #4. 23 songs… enough for everything!
Miss Kathy 

I find music everywhere! I’m constantly listening to different radio stations, using iTunes genius, Spotify, pandora, paying attention to background music in movie or television…you name it.

For class I like to find songs the kids love. (Competition is a different ballgame. Nothing on the radio is allowed!)

For jazz I’ll often take a popular song from the radio but then find a cardio workout mix to use. I’ve also had good luck downloading mp3s from mashup artists like DJ Earworm.

The best album I’ve found for ballet so far is Ballet Goes Pop from iTunes. Every track is a popular song….the kids love trying to figure out what each song really is.
Eva M. 

Thanks, teachers! Great tips, all around. I am a Spotify user when it comes to finding new music, especially performances. There’s a similar artists feature that will help you discover new artists that sound like those you like.

I’m curious. Where do you find new music for class? We can all always use another place to find great tunes.

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