How Dance Teachers Find Work-Life Balance

Dance Teacher Talk: How do you balance work & life?

Between music, choreography and actually teaching, it seems a dance teachers work is never done. And if you’re a studio owner, add all the business side of things to that. Not to mention weekend rehearsals, performances, competitions and more. It sometimes seems that you can’t get a break.

It seems most major news sources and publications are talking about work-life balance these days, I figure it’s time us dance teachers start talking about it too. So I asked some of my fellow dance teachers,

How do you balance being a studio owner/teacher and making time for your personal life?

Here’s what they had to say. Spoiler alert, I don’t think we have it all figured out, but there’s a few little tips here that will go a long way in helping free up some of your precious time.

I don’t have too much of a problem because I don’t have kids and my friends are on similar schedules to mine. The only problem I have is trying to find time for dinner!
Elise H. 

It’s a very hard balance… if there even is a balance. I believe that most dedicated dance teachers and studio owners give up a huge portion of their personal lives for their jobs. With that said, budgeting the free time you do have is key. When you can consolidate certain things in your normal every day activities, you can create more time in your personal life.
Mr. Brian 

Owning a business is much different than just being an instructor. I’m learning slowly to not book myself every weekend so I can actually have time with my husband. Planning ahead for events and keeping templates from previous years on my computer has also helped cut down my work time at home. Nothing eats up your time like the first year of owning a studio and having to create every single piece of information from scratch. I’ve also had to learn to delegate….I can’t do it all, and asking for help is necessary if I want to have any personal life.
Eva M. 

So, here are eight tips*, for a better work-life balance as a dance teacher:

1. Budget your free time.
2. Don’t book yourself every weekend.
3. And don’t overbook yourself.
4. Play your weekend (whether that’s Saturday & Sunday, or Sunday only) in advance, sometime during the week.
5. Ask for help
6. And delegate.
7. Use the internet to find resources — you’re not the only one doing this, and we’re all in it together.
8. Take a break. A real break. Not an extra day at the hotel after dance convention. You work hard, so play hard. No one will tell you to take a vacation, so be sure to schedule one for yourself.

As a dance teacher, how do you balance work & life? Add your tips in the comments.

* Because we dance teachers can only count in fours or eights.
** Are you a dance teacher with a question? Get in touch. Know a dance teacher with something to say? Submit their name

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