Judges’ Table with Taryn

Name: Taryn Molnar LancasterTaryn Molnar 1

Time Judging: Five Years

Competitions: Bravo!, Starquest, Access Broadway

What’s the best/most memorable number you’ve seen at competition? A tap solo to spoken word (written by the dancer). I cried!

What’s your biggest performance pet peeve? Over-the-top, inauthentic faces. Choreography/costumes that are not age appropriate. Unnecessary use of props/sets.

What are you looking for when judging? Story-telling, energy, and of course, stretched feet!

Any advice for dancers? If you love what you are doing, we will love watching you.

Any advice for teachers/choreographers? Talk with you dancers about the “purpose” of the choreography — What does the song mean? Who are you when you dance to it? what do you want the audience to feel watching you?

I would much rather see something different than something “popluar”. Think outside the box!

Taryn, thank you so much for taking time to give us more insight to what the judges are looking for. Do you have a question for the judges? Do you want to sound off about your judging experience? Get in touch.

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