Now Tapping to: American, Idle by Pigeon John

MusicForTapI’m not sure when it started. In fact, I’m not sure when I started noticing it. Featured artists. They’re everywhere. It seems like almost every song I hear on the radio has a list of artists a mile long. featuring Britney with a special appearance by Fergie plus sampling from Michael Jackson. Am I right?

But sometimes, those featured artists are where the dance gems truly lie. “American, Idle” by Heath McNease & Pigeon John was one of those songs for me. I fell down a hole on iTunes so deep by clicking related artists, sampling their tracks and checking out featured musicians on those albums.

This track is perfect for an advanced tap level when you’re looking for something a little outside the traditional tap box. I used it for college-aged students and it was hit. Take a listen on your favorite.

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