So You Think You Can Dance is Back

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It must be summertime because So You Think You Can Dance is back for another season. And season 11 at that. Can you believe it? Season 11. I mean, I remember they did those two back-to-back seasons one year, but I still cannot believe it’s season 11. (Confession, it makes me feel old.)

But let’s talk about the show. First, what do you think of the new opening sequence? I think it’s sharp, maybe a little overworked, but sharp. It’s definitely less cheesy from where it’s been in the past.

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OK. The other big change, we’ve got crews now?! Will SYTYCD try to fill part of the void left behind by Mario Lopez and ABDC? Maybe, but doesn’t seem likely. Especially considering the first group out of the gate was on ABDC… aren’t there new crews to highlight? I gotta admit, I was voting up a storm for Chloe’s Syncopated Ladies.

Auditions went from New Orleans to Chicago last night. I always love when they have Wayne Brady as a guest, but I didn’t know that you can say a$$ & b*tch on TV, Wayne! Killer zumba moves though, right?

Now on to the dancers. I gotta say, I really enjoyed watching brothers Skip & Shane in New Orleans. Their style is unique and it caught my attention. And then, Trevor Bryce. Talk about an entertainer. He may not be the greatest technician but who cares? When you can own a stage like he did, that’s what people care about. (Something I try to reinforce to my students all the time.)

In Chicago, the brothers impressed again. I expected Miami siblings Nick and Ruby to perform the same style, but I was pleasantly surprised at watching each show off his own strengths. On the flip side, let’s talk about Caleb who first showed up this season in New Orleans and then in Chicago. Dancing aside, I want to admire his spirit to try again. But, what are the judges teaching him about the industry by putting him through on his second chance. You only get one shot to impress in this business. I guess the moral of the story here is TV is not the real world, folks.

PS. You can find a playlist of all the music featured on last night’s episode on

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