Teachers Sound Off: Biggest Pet Peeve


One of the first things you remember about dance is your teacher. Maybe even better than some of your grade school teachers. Because you didn’t just see them for a year. You saw them over the course of many years. Dance teachers watch their students grow up. For years and years and years.

So, it only seems fitting that a teacher column be a prominent feature here on Dance Kelly Style. Each week, our panel will answer a new question. Some answers will be more directed to students, others to fellow teachers. Some to parents. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, it’s a place to learn (& chime in too, of course.) This week, we asked our teacher panel,

What’s your biggest dance pet peeve in the studio?

In regards to behavior, my biggest pet peeve is when students improperly correct the teacher (while going over choreography) while having that “roll your eyes” attitude. In regards to technique, my biggest pet peeve is when a dancer doesn’t lengthen his or her entire body and has less than 100% energy.
Mr. Brian 

Landing heel first instead of toe, ball, heel. It kills me. The fix just takes a little concentration!
Elise H. 

Lack of commitment.
Miss Kathy 

Negativity…it can quickly halt progress and improvement. One’s mindset and outlook determines the outcome.
Jake P. 

Students that don’t come to class regularly.
Miss Sharon 

Marking! Even when you’re tired, why waste your energy doing something halfway. You might as well make the most of your time in the studio each day.
Eva M. 

MARKING! I feel a dancer should never mark unless a room is packed and there is not adequate space to dance full out. Taking full advantage of what the movement really feels like will only help. I always say if you dance at 50% you are wasting 50%! Use your body and start dancing full out starting with the warmup. Class is about risk! Use that risk and learn from it!
Chip A.

Surprised? Not surprised? Do you have a different pet peeve? Time for you to sound off, in the comments!

** Each week our panel of teachers will answer a different question. Got a question? Get in touch. Know someone who should be featured on our panel? Nominate them. **

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